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Florida’s Severe Weather Week

January 29, 2010

Severe Weather Awareness Week is an opportunity for Floridians to learn about the various weather hazards that frequently impact the state and how cities and businesses can prepare for these natural events. Florida ranks number one in the US for the amount of storms received per year. I was amazed to learn that Florida ranks fourth in the nation for the number of tornadoes formed and damage caused by tornadoes. Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas take the first through third positions.

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With these thunderstorms and tornadoes, comes flooding and damage. Flood damage is of particular concern, as much of Florida is considered flood prone. In 2006, many areas in the city of DeBary were under water. Mayor George Coleman and City Manager Maryann Courson reported that there were 125 homes flooded or under the threat of flooding. As many as 40 pumps were being used to manage the water.

As the Florida storm season fires up, it is a good idea to plan for such events. Walker Miller Equipment Company has the rental construction equipment you need to get your city or job site up and running again. We can rent, or your Municipality can purchase, the heavy equipment, pumps, and generators needed after the storm has passed. Plus, we carry the parts to fix your existing construction equipment. For more information, contact Walker Miller Construction Company at 407-299-2620.