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Chinese Drywall in Orlando

April 9, 2010

The consumer Product and Safety Commission has released their preliminary evaluation of the tests done on Chinese drywall.

“Chinese drywall is the suspected cause for persistent foul smells in homes, for corrosion of metals and jewelry and for respiratory problems,” the editorial said. “Some Chinese drywall plants made their plasterboard entirely out of phosphogypsum — a radioactive phosphorous substance that is banned in U.S. construction.”

In 2006 the construction industry was booming in Orlando. The demand for drywall was at an all time high and domestic suppliers were charging$22. per sheet.  Chinese drywall was a mere $3.00 per sheet. Now the homeowners are paying for it with the health and corrosion problems that it is causing.

Most of the tainted drywall was shipped to the Orlando area. If you suspect Chinese drywall is in your home the CPSC needs you to report it.

The steps recommended by the CPSC to homeowners suspected of having Chinese Drywall. are:

  1. The most important issue is your health and safety. If you are suffering from the health symptoms described as common to the reports of exposure to problem drywall, please consult your physician as soon as possible. If you experience any of the electrical or fire safety concerns described as common to the reports of exposure to problem drywall, please consult your local gas or electric supplier and a licensed electrician or building inspector as soon as possible
  2. You should contact your State and local authorities to report your concerns and get direction on any help or resources in your area.
  3. You should also report your concerns to us using the form at
  4. You should also consider contacting your insurance company and home-builder to report your concerns.

If you or anyone you know has problem drywall in their home, contact the CPSC by calling 800-638-2772 or visiting the Drywall Information Center.

This national acknowledgment should lead to more insurance companies providing coverage for this problem. The CPSC states that “the drywall, wiring, and all copper piping will need to be removed”. This should spike some new work for Orlando construction businesses.

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