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Hurricane Season Update

August 4, 2010

It’s August and hurricane season is in full effect! We all remember the disasters from the past 15 years and, let’s get real, living in Florida it is rare for a hurricane to miss us. Only mother nature knows how this season is going to turn out, but it is always important to be prepared just in case.

We already gave you some tips on how to be ready before the big storm comes, but the one thing that is definitely a hurricane essential is a generator. Walker-Miller has recently released its new Wacker G70 and this generator will be perfect to power your home in the unfortunate circumstance of power loss. Back in the 2004 season, when my family and I lost power right here in Central Florida for two weeks it was quite miserable. Without power in the house we did not have any air circulation or any lighting to even do the simplest of things like read a book or play some cards. If we had the Wacker G70 generator, from the Walker-Miller selection, my hurricane misfortune would not have been as severe.

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