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How To: Successfully Drill Through Concrete

August 2, 2010

You may be doing some renovations on your home and possibly need some helpful tips on how to properly drill through concrete. This is a messy job, and if done incorrectly then the foundation of your home could be in need for some serious repair.
Here are some things to keep in mind:
1.    The first step is to buy a good drill machine. We at Walker Miller Equipment Co. have excellent concrete drill machines that we sell and rent that you can browse through by clicking here. Some things to keep in mind while choosing the drill would be variable speed, hammering function, depth setting, a good grip, and the power of the tool.

2.    Next, get comfortable with your new drill machine. Practice with it, get to know all of the different buttons, settings, and controls. If you have ease with your machine, you are more likely to have nicely drilled concrete.

3.    After you feel like you know the ins and outs of your machine, it is important to set the depth. If the machine you are using does not have depth control, there is an easy fix. Just mar the desired depth measurement with masking tape or a pencil as a reference of how deep you plan to drill.

4.    Once the depth marking is situated on your drill, place a dot or a small X on the wall where you plan to drill. This way you are precise with where the drilling occurs.

5.    Place your drill on the mark, apply pressure and start drilling at a low speed. You start on a low speed in order to make a small hole to hold your drill steady when you are ready to drill the rest of the desired depth.

6.    When you have developed your small hole, begin applying pressure and start to drill at a higher speed. At this point, you will need to use more force to drill through the concrete. A helpful hint would be to shift your body weight towards the drill. Leaning more will increase the force, without requiring as much muscle.

7.    There is a possibility that you will hit some unexpected hard concrete or a beam. In this case, use a large nail and hammer to break through and then continue drilling.
With these seven steps, you will be able to successfully drill through the concrete and build continue with you home development. For more information on drills or other construction equipment, visit the Walker Miller Equipment Co. website here or call 877-299-2620.