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Product of the Week: The Compatrol

November 17, 2010

On any job site, a beginning step is soil compacting, but how do we know when the soil is sufficiently compacted?

We don’t without the use of an engineer… which is why Weber MT has come up with the Compatrol.

The Compatrol has a sensor that allows the operator to know if the reversible plate compactor has reached maximum compaction of the soil, otherwise he/she is left guessing.  In most cases the operator has to let an engineer know that they have reached maximum compaction and then the engineer has to test to make sure they are finished. If maximum compaction has not been reached, the operator has to try again and the engineer has to retest.  This is very expensive in labor cost. With the Compatrol, that entire process is skipped!

There are so many advantages to the Compatrol. One is that it is very easy to control, starting with just a push of a button and starting chip. Also, by the use of continuous compaction control, no area is left unexpected.

To learn more about the Compatrol, call Walker Miller Equipment Company at 877-299-2620.