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A Saw Soliloquy

July 28, 2011

Has it really been two weeks since our last discussion?  Summer has just been flying by!  Before summer comes to an end, we want to discuss a popular summer item: saws.  This is a return to our previous discussion of saws but with a new targeted specialty.  A saw soliloquy, if you will.  Last time, we primarily focused on rescue saws, such as the Husqvarna K960 and the Stihl TS700.  These are often called “concrete saws” as well.  These hand-held tools are used by a variety of consumers, including fire fighters.  They use these rescue saws to cut through metal, concrete, asphalt, wood, etc.  Firefighters use them to cut strategic holes in roofs and walls for “forced ventilation” that will control and extinguish the fire.  Over the years, these saws have been modified and improved to accommodate firefighters’ boots and thick gloves as they crank and hold the saws.

Now that we’ve reviewed hand-held cut-off saws, we can progress to today’s topic: the pavement saw, also called a floor saw.  Husqvarna manufacturers the FS series of floor saws.  It is also the parent company to Soff-Cut, the manufacturer of early-entry floor saws.  These revolutionary saws allows workers to cut the concrete slab within 2 hours of the pour, before the final set.  The unique blade and saw design allow this fast process.  Not only does this save valuable time and money on equipment and workers, but this saw also prevents cracks and inconsistencies in the concrete.  The Soff-Cut models begin with the X-150 model, designed for residential and light commercial jobs. For larger jobs, such as medium-large commercial situations, the X-2000 is a more suitable choice.  While the X150 is great for effectiveness with little noise, the X2000 minimizes the noise while also bringing the power.  It has a 9 hp engine and three blade width options to allow precise cuts while still preventing cracks. But what if  a 9 hp engine isn’t enough?  You need the 20 hp engine of the X4000!  This beauty is ideal for the most heavy-duty commercial sites.  It boasts the low-noise and low-dust features of its smaller-model siblings while incorporating a twin-cylinder engine and heavy-duty air cleaner features.  So many benefits!

Another floor saw manufacturer is Multiquip.  Their SP-1 series and SP-2 series Flat Saws are great for small to medium residential or commercial job sites.  Each series boasts several models great for a variety of specific slab needs.  The SP4030 Series Professional saw is designed for more high-end commercial slabs.  Its high-production attributes really get the job done!

At Walker Miller Equipment, the parts for these and a variety of other saws are readily available.  In fact, if you hurry, you can enjoy the 10% discount available through the end of July, 2011!  Simply enter “summer” at checkout!

Hopefully, you enjoyed this saw soliloquy and learned at least something!  If you have discussion ideas for next time, please comment here or on our Facebook!  Have a great weekend!