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Comparing Compactors: Choices Galore!

July 14, 2011

Remember last fall when we discussed the new Weber Compatrol?  It is a new development in the world of compaction.  It has an on-board computer that detects the compaction level of the soil without an engineer to reduce the costs of having engineers on site until the soil is completely ready.

Well, as the months have gone by since our last discussion, these nifty new machines are growing in popularity!   And why wouldn’t they??  With state of the art technology, incredible benefits of less wasted time for both workers and engineers and an affordable price, its a wonder why more companies aren’t making the switch.  Weber offers several models with the attached compatrol, along with traditional models without it.

Some of Weber’s  key competitors are also giants in the compaction world: Wacker and Multiquip.  Wacker’s WP1550A is a popular model designed for narrow trenches such as gutters or curbs.

It is often compared to the Multiquip MVC88 models, which include MVC88VGH, MVC88VGHW, MVC88GH, MVC88GHW, and MVC88GE-GEW.

For semi-cohesive soils, a great option is the Wacker BPU4045A, the model introduced to replace the now-discontinued BPU 3545A.  These models are competitive with Multiquip’s MVH306GH, a popular reversible compactor.  For high production jobs with demanding situations, Multiquip offers the MVH406GH.  This model competes with the Wacker DPU5045, the diesel version of Wacker’s now-discontinued BPU5045.

With all of these options, it can be difficult to choose the right model for the right job site.  Multiquip’s MVC77 is an economical choice for a variety of situations.  It can be used on trenches, driveways and flatwork and is available with a Honda or Robin engine and with or without a plastic water tank.

Another option with a powerful centrifugal force similar to the MVC77 is the MVC98.  The MVC98, however, has a slightly larger maximum area of compaction than the MVC77.  A compactor with an even larger maximum are of compaction is the Multiquip’s MVH200, which is available in three model options: two diesel units: MVH200DA and MVH200DA2 and one gas unit: MVH200GH.

With all of these options, choosing the right compactor can prove challenging.  Forward or reversible?  Gasoline or diesel? Wacker, Multiquip or Weber?  With Compatrol or without?  The hundreds of files on Walker Miller Equipment’s Parts page can provide the information to make those decisions.  Need help finding your model or parts?  Email or call 407-299-2620.

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