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Husqvarna K960 Rescue Saw

July 8, 2011

With the rising costs of construction, the ability to work quickly and effectively on a job site is incredibly important to contractors.  The Husqvarna K960 Rescue Saw provides the power to make up to 15″ cuts into concrete with the agility of maneuvering in tight situations with better control.  Fast, effective cuts save both time and money for the crew.

The K960 comes from a leader in construction equipment, Husqvarna, the owner of Partner and Soff-cut.   Walker Miller has been a Huqvarna dealer for many years, and a Partner dealer long before the companies linked.  As a result, we stock the blades and replacement parts necessary for K960 Saws and a variety of other Husqvarna products.

Walker Miller Equipment is also a dealer for the lead competition for the K960: Stihl’s TS700 Cutquik Rescue Saw. The TS700 boasts the X2 Low Maintenance Filtration System to compare with the K960’s Active Air Filtration system.  Walker Miller stocks parts for both models, along with a variety of Stihl products and parts.

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