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Today in History

August 16, 2011

Today, we have the privilege of celebrating 50 years in business.  Half a century.  The Golden Anniversary.  Let’s do a small flashback to how things began:

Walker G. Miller left his job as a crane salesman in Atlanta, Georgia, to move down to Orlando, Florida.  It began as Hi-way Industrial Sales with a partner, Ken Herold.  With just a 2 month old business, Mr. Miller returned to Atlanta to move his wife and four children, including a 3-week old infant, down to Orlando.

The business began with a focus on Marlow pumps and grove equipment.  In a few years, construction would begin for a small development nearby, Walt Disney World.  Maybe you’ve heard of it?

As the next decade began, the partnership between Mr. Harold and Mr. Miller began to end.  Mr. Miller took over the corporation and changed the name to Walker Miller Equipment Co., Inc.  The current President, Connie Miller, started work in 1980.  Mr. Miller remained as President until 1992, when he stepped down for health issues and Ms. Miller assumed the role.

Almost 20 years later, she still maintains the position.  Things have changed quite a bit since August 16, 1961.  Should we take a look back on life back then, before blogging and even personal computers?

In 1961…….

  • West Side Story and The Parent Trap were the hit movies.
  • Gas was 27 cents/gallon (can we go back to that??)
  • The Cold War was in full swing and the Berlin wall was under construction (no, we didn’t have equipment on that job)
  • The Soviets put a man in space in April and the US sent Alan Shepard into space in May.
  • JFK became President and established the Peace Corp.

Communication was different back then, pre-Twitter and iPhone apps.  The art of doing business has changed and evolved with the times, but the same principles remain true: customer service and a quality reputation are essential to staying around.  We are so appreciate to the vendors and customers who keep coming back, time and time again.  Thank you for your patronage. We hope you enjoyed this history lesson.  Happy 50th Anniversary!