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Keeping Your Concrete Pump Clean with Danny’s Concrete

September 17, 2013

Walker Miller Equipment Company has been in business since 1961, so we have met a multitude of fantastic people over the years.  One of our favorite customers is Danny’s Concrete Pumping.  Danny has been in business since the early 1980’s and has a great reputation as one of the best concrete pumping companies in the Central Florida area. He uses the Mayco C30HD Concrete Pumps in his fleet and he keeps them in pristine condition.  The pump below is a 1986 Mayco Concrete Pump and it pumps as strong today as it did when he bought it from us in 1986.

Danny's Concrete

Danny proves that if you buy quality equipment and maintain it well with OEM parts, the equipment can last for decades.  We stock parts for the C30 and a variety of other concrete pumps.  We also have a specialized concrete mechanic on staff, David, who not only repairs concrete pumps but has extensive pumping experience over his career.  He assists our concrete pumping customers with technical questions on the mix, wear parts, maintenance issues and many other aspects of this specialty.  David accompanies new pump owners to the first pour ensure a smooth pour.  The  Mayco Pumps are the premier name in concrete pumping and the industry standard for more than 40 years. From the original C-30 small line concrete pump to the new advanced models that followed, no small-line pump is more trusted or respected.  With proper care, these pumps can last decades and provide an excellent return on investment.

We congratulate Danny for all his hard work and wish him the best, he is a true professional!