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“First Polish” then relax!

May 21, 2014

SlabArmor picIt’s hard to imagine any big project without concrete. In fact, the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids and the Chinese built their Great Wall using mortar, or what we today call concrete. Concrete has stayed in the spotlight, remaining the material of choice in residential and industrial construction. There are endless applications for floors, walls and even counter tops. It’s now colorful, artfully designed and extremely durable and it’s still the choice for industrial flooring where minimal maintenance and upkeep are necessary. With Multiquip you now have  2 options when finishing a concrete slab,  “SlabArmor” and “First Polish.”  Both solutions create a high gloss, impermeable surface.

“SlabArmor” is a two step process applied directly to the slab and worked into the surface with a trowel. The SlabArmor Starter penetrates the surface up to 27mm and increases surface density, abrasion resistance and permeability. The SlabArmor Closer works with the Starter to further ensure the best possible hard finish.

The “First Polish” system is three steps and begins with the initial concrete placement. This special process shortens the traditional length of time needed to produce a dense high gloss surface.  Step 1 is a non-film forming solution and allows the solution to penetrate and Step 2 cross-links with Step 1 to penetrate even more.  Step 2 will produce a harder denser surface compared to untreated concrete. Step 3 is a hydrophobic solution that seals the concrete with incredible resistance to water, oils and other contaminants. Step 3 may also be reapplied as needed.

Altogether, you will have a surface that is beautiful and wear resistant for years to come. Check out Multiquip Concrete Solutions for more information about these exciting products or contact Walker Miller Equipment.