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This is the most preferred Heavy Duty Compactor

July 15, 2014

Ask any foundation site worker what the best heavy weight compactor is and you will hear over and over again, “Weber.”  Weber MT is a German company that started with a master distributor in Maine in the early 1980’S.  Sales increased so consistently that in 1991, Weber Incorporated and placed a subsidiary in Bangor, Maine.

CR7Weber MT decided to focus specifically on their compactor machine line in the late 1990’s. Their forward and reversible plate compactors became the CF and CR. They have become the specialist in compactor manufacturing. Every detail is scrutinized and designed to withstand the harsh demands of a construction site. Weber’s objective is to continuously exceed their current quality standards and this level of excellence has made them an industry leader.

They have exclusively designed and implemented COMPATROL-CCD on the CR6, CR7 and CR8 machines. This compaction control system measures the vibration of the base plate and compares the measured values with the registered soil characteristics and translates the results into electric voltage. The advantages are less work and no over compaction. COMPATROL-CCD quickly displays weak points so all areas can be uniformly compacted and ready for the next step of construction.

COMPATROL – MSM takes the monitoring to a new level by internally checking the battery voltage, oil pressure, temperature, air filter restriction, vibrator frequency, engine speed and even the hours of operation. The warning lights on the control panel will signal to the user that maintenance is needed and that means less damage to the machine caused by neglect.

If you haven’t tried the Weber compactor with COMPATROL, we invite you to try one out at our store, Walker Miller Equipment Company. You are sure to be impressed with these machines. Call 407-299-2620 or come by. We would be happy to show you these terrific Weber compactors.