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Handshake 101

August 15, 2014



 “Ninety percent of what we think about a person is determined in the first ninety seconds we meet them” –Anonymous.

How is your handshake? Are you a bone crusher? Are your hands damp?  Do you use both hands? Here are  3 simple steps to a great handshake.

1.  Extend your hand vertically or between 90-100 degrees with the palm slightly up.

2.  Maintain eye contact with other person. This communicates self confidence and sincerity.

3.  Use the same amount of pressure as the other person when you clasp hands.

When you know you’re going to be meeting people, it’s a good idea to wash and dry hands well, before the event. Stay an even distance from the person you are shaking hands with; the handshake should be equal distance from each person.

If you’re still wondering about handshakes then wander in to see us at Walker Miller Equipment. We will shake your hand, look you straight in the eye and help you with any of your equipment needs.