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Soff-Cut Saw Prowler X2000E

May 22, 2013

A self-propelled dry-cutting gas saw ideal for medium to heavy-duty  commercial, industrial and paving applications. The Husqvarna 2000 is  designed for versatility, ease of use and high production capabilities.  Three blade widths can be used, allowing for different joint widths and  crack control simultaneously. Features include a 9 hp engine with  automatic compression release for easy starting, chain driven overhead  cam system, superior cooling, excellent lubrication system, and a  cyclone air cleaner to increase engine longevity

  • Self-propelled petrol saw with electric start engine and hydrostatic transmission.
  • Electronic remote key start and choke.
  • Patented low-noise and low-dust blade block enclosure.
  • Built-in lifting system.
  • Mechanical remote retractable guide.
  • Roll cage frame.
  • Mechanical depth control.
  • Cyclonic air filter to increase engine longevity.
  • Non-stick low-density polyurethane wheels.