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Classen Sod Cutter SC18

May 14, 2013

Gear-Drive Saw Cutter

Classen gear-drive sod cutters deliver the precise cut you need. Whether your project is relocating or repositioning sod, expanding an existing flower bed, or establishing a new planting area, a Classen Sod cutter gets the job done fast! Enhance the quality of your lawn and reduce labor costs with a Classen Sod Cutter.

Optional Swivel Wheel Kit enhances the maneuverability of Classen sod cutters.  Makes quick work of cutting contoured profiles for walkways, flowerbeds and  tree rings. Makes turning the units around at the end of a pass much easier. Can  also lock in place for straight-line cutting.

  • Unique design lets you switch back and forth from a 12”, 18”, 20” or 24” in matter of minutes with optional blade assemblies
  • Simple controls within easy reach
  • Twist grip throttle for adjustable speed control
  • Clutch/Brake lever for ease in unloading machine backwards from truck or trailer
  • Cutting width: 18”
  • Dimensions: H-34” x W-24” x L-54”
  • Total weight: 300 lbs.