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Soff-Cut X150

May 14, 2013

The Husqvarna Soff-Cut 150 saw is designed for residential and light  commercial applications. The lightest gas saw in the Soff-Cut range, the 150 is designed for ease of use and convenience. Features include a  patented low noise blade enclosure which allows the unit to be used in  residential areas with minimal disruption. In addition, the low-dust  blade block system allows the saw to cut dry, and it controls the debris for easy cleanup

  • Patented low-noise and low-dust blade block enclosure
  • 3.3 kW engine with cyclone air filter.
  • Mechanical blade depth control.
  • Non-marking and non-stick polyurethane wheels.
  • Retractable front guide system.
  • Folding handle.
  • Easy pull-start engine.
  • Patented arbor